Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As the name suggests..

Well, as the name suggests, I am a chick who wears a fedora. I have several hats in general, 17 last I counted, and 5 of them the classy fedora. I wanted to do a little research on my favorite lid, and this is what I found..

The origin of the name "Fedora" is from the Russian word "Fedor" and the Greek word "Theodoros" which means "gift of God".
The hat itself got it's name from a French play that made its debut in 1882 called haha, "Fedora". The play's character Princess Fedora Romazova wore one atop her head, and soon after which started a fashion among middle to upper class women, and men.

In the Prohibition Era, the 1920's to 1930's, was when the Fedora truly made it's mark, becoming very popular thanks to Gangsters such as Al Capone. Where it has gotten the nickname "the gangster hat". Other famous men such as Frank Sinatra, and Humphrey Bogart gave the Fedora it's "big break" and the hat made it's way from starting out on the stage, to the big screen of Hollywood. During this era the Fedora was primarily worn by men, and remained a popular part of male attire until the 1960's. 
By the early 1970's the younger population began to forget the fashion of their father's and grandfather's to sport a newer hat... the baseball cap. So it took a back burner with the "youngins", while still remaining among the older generation, who where use to the hat.
Certain performers did keep the fashion going during this lull, Indiana Jones...
and Michael Jackson..
..Just to name a couple.
It finally did made a comeback in the 2000's, becoming fashionably "cool" again, especially among the younger generations, sporting them with skinny neon jeans that already come with holes and tears. Artists, such as Justin Timberlake, Brittany Spears, and Bruno Mars wear them when singing concerts and performing in front of crowds of millions. 
I am quite happy that they did make their way back to cover the heads of  us chicks (or roosters for you gentlemen). And hey, who knows what else will find it's way returning to our closets, I hear rumor of leg warmers, big hair and neon... ;)


  1. Hi! I just came over from Southern Belle-- I liked this post.
    My Honey recently started wearing a 'fedora'--didn't know that was what it was called. I have a son that wears one on occasion and a daughter too...
    that is so funny!

    Welcome to the blogsphere!

  2. I used to wear all that neon!! And I looked good, well I thought I did.