Friday, September 2, 2011

Empty Places

The days'd begin at the foot of the bed
We'd wake, and through the house we'd tread
Out to the kitchen, with the thought in mind
To the garden to see what we could find

We'd check it everyday
In the early light
 To see what had been there during the night

Around to the deck
To watch the rising sun
In our place with coffee cup in hand
Our day had now begun

I watch you as you nap
In your place by the stairs
Thinking 'bout your early years
Oh how mischief was your flare!

Do you remember the place
where that puddle was?
So proud to find it...
All full of mud.

Or the spot were you'd hide
After snatching up a cake
Or the day you got your mama's bread
Too tempting not to take

What about the coffee table
That spot you held so dear
Where you'd still place your head
Though it couldn't fit your rear

Though the most important place
The one that's set apart
Is the spot you have inside my heart

Now I walk around the house, the yard
Searching different spaces
 Expecting to see you in these spots
Your places

The places where you'd play
And the ones where you'd lay
Just passing the time away

These places now sit empty
your spots now lay bare
Though I still look for you
Your no longer there

You blessed us with your life
You blessed us with your smile
You blessed us with your time
Even though so short a while

You have a new place now

 In the yard beneath the tree
Watching over your garden
And your family.

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