Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Mom, you're my dream come true"

I wanted to share a little story that I had heard at work a while ago.

I was working at the grocery store, piling up the apples and the corn, when I heard a voice behind me. A little girl and her mother shopping amongst the fruit and veggies, she says, "Mom, you're my dream come true". "Oh?" says her mother, "and why is that?" 
"Well, you're my favorite because you're buying me blackberries"
I couldn't help but look up and smile at the little girl.
"Yep, blackberries are my favorite!" Now mom had noticed I was listening in on their conversation and shoots me a wink and replies, "Well I thought I was your favorite"
The little girl says, "well you are! Because you're buying me blackberries" 

Oh the little things that warm out hearts. Moms especially! The things they do for us without hesitation, be it making us our favorite supper, doing a load of our laundry (even when we are 22), giving us a hug when we need it most, or something as simple as buying us blackberries. :)
This post is a little late for Mother's Day, but remember there is never any harm in telling Mom on a Tuesday afternoon, "Mom, you're my dream come true"

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